AI Agents in Action

AI Agents in Action: Develop a Tweet Writing Team

What it takes to build applications with AI agents?

Tweet Writing Crew

Tweet Writing Crew

Using agents for toy projects is fun and exciting. But what about using them in production? In this tutorial, you'll understand some of the challenges of using AI agents in the real world and how to overcome them. You'll build a complete tweet writing crew that uses Llama 3 to write tweets. You'll be able to provide a list of tweets and URLs, and the crew will:

  • Scrape the content
  • Extract key insights
  • Write tweets based on the research and writing style of the provided tweets
  • Critique the tweet and write 3 different versions of it

Our tweet writing crew consists of:

  1. Website Scraper: Scrapes the content from a set of provided URLs.
  2. Researcher: Extracts the key insights and information from the internet on the given topic and provided URLs.
  3. Social Media Writer: Writes a tweet based on the research content provided by the Researcher.
  4. Tweet Editor: Critiques the tweet and writes 3 different versions of it based on the original research report.

Tutorial Goals

In this tutorial you will:

  • Understand the challenges of using agents in the real world
  • Set up an AI Agents project from scratch
  • Create a team of agents that uses Llama 3 to write tweets

Agents in Production

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