SQL Agents

SQL Agents with CrewAI and Llama 3

How can you use agents to automate SQL queries and analysis?

Database Analysis Crew

Database Analysis Crew

You have already learned how to build AI agents that work with APIs, write social media posts, and even analyze market data. But what if you could give your agents the power to work with SQL databases?

In this tutorial, we'll build a team of agents that answer complex questions using data from a SQL database. We'll leverage existing tools and create new ones to connect agents with SQL databases. Our agents will use CrewAI an Llama 3 to analyze data and generate insights.

Tutorial Goals

In this tutorial you will:

  • Connect Agents with a SQL database
  • Set up agent tools for writing SQL queries
  • Build a team of agents that uses Llama 3 to analyze data

Integrating SQL with Agents

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