Develop Your Model

Develop Your Model

Machine learning engineer develops her model

Machine learning engineer develops her model

Welcome to the tutorial on building and fine-tuning a machine learning model from scratch. We're going to unpack the details of model development and handle a real-world dataset. Imagine the sense of achievement you'll feel as you progress through these steps, gaining skills that are in high demand across various industries.

We'll use the Body Fat Extended Dataset from Kaggle, a dataset that perfectly bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. As you load and explore the data, you'll gain hands-on experience with essential tools and techniques used by data science professionals. The tutorial is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of exploratory data analysis (EDA), allowing you to uncover insights, visualize trends, and formulate hypotheses like a pro. Each step is an opportunity to ignite your curiosity and propel you further into the fascinating world of machine learning.

!pip install -Uqqq pip --progress-bar off
!pip install -qqq scikit-learn==1.3.2 --progress-bar off
!pip install -qqq pandas==2.1.3 --progress-bar off
!pip install -qqq pytorch-lightning==2.1.2 --progress-bar off
!gdown 1BA9dQk1szPkElBHRD4sgI0GB2iGkkuUN

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